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We are pleased to welcome you to Chateau Chéri, a suggestive location magnificently set on a typical Mediterranean scrub cliff, in the renowned tourist resort of
Mongerbino (Bagheria – Italy), a few kilometers from Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù, famous sites offering precious architectural and naturalistic attractions.

It is the first International Vintage Home-Art Studio in Italy, refined for formal elegance and attention to details.
The butler of the house or the owners directly (the Vampire Don and Petit Chéri) will guarantee an exclusive and comfortable stay.

How was Chateau Chéri born? Don and Petit Chéri, great travellers for passion and profession, wanted to create something unique in the beautiful Sicily and strongly aware
that this type of location for non-traditional events worked well elsewhere, once they had identified the perfect space, they pioneered by activating immediately to convert
that space into a dream location.

The location itself, the high standard of services and the surrounding landscape will make the welcome in this portion of paradise even more impressive.