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Desirèe Di Bella

Desirèe Di Bella
Desirèe Di Bella




Born in 1995, Desirèe is an emerging photographer who has been working in the fashion industry since 2015. Thanks to her camera, she gives life to her dreams and perfect world, combining creativity, inventiveness and professionalism.

Until now she has made extraordinary shots and carried out campaigns for well-known brands including, Pacofrancisco, Davorin Cordone Maison, Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana, and many others.

She has worked in collaboration with great photographers in the high fashion sector, such as Eugenio D’Orio and Carlo William Rossi. She studied beauty editing with Julia Kuzmenko.

Precise in the choice of every detail, she loves to combine her work with a passion for travel: “My mind associates everything I see or do with a possible shooting, so I let myself be inspired by any element around me: there is no limit to imagination and there will never be. ”
Her secret is never to stop thinking in a photographic way, because it is in photography that the enhancement of beauty and reality lies.