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Emanuela Vassallo

Emanuela Vassallo
Emanuela Vassallo



An innovative hairstylist, ready to recommend the perfect hairstyle based on the shape of the face and the style of the dress, Emanuela boasts many years of training at the Estesya Academy and the Mr Serrone School in Palermo. She specialized in bridal hairstyles through a masterclass cycle with Luigi Serrone, President of the Italian National Association of Hairstylists, and with Antonina Romanova, world-class hairstylist, who provided her with the methods and techniques to offer the best in the field of hairstyles.

In 2019 she gave lessons to students who attended the three-year hairstyle course at the Centro Studi La Piramide in Palermo.

She participated in the Italian Championships for hairdressers 2020 last January in Paestum, during which she attended the Masterclass with Georgiy Kot, known for being the VIP’s hairstylist, just think of the hairstyles of the protagonists of the award-winning TV series Game of Thrones.