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Jason Kamimura

Jason Kamimura
Jason Kamimura



An internationally renowned photographer based in Los Angeles, Jason Kamimura is highly specialized in pinup photography, events, fashion and art. Always fond of music and fine arts, in 2000 he graduated at Cal State University in Long Beach, where he studied art theory and practice with particular attention to sculpture. In 2009 Jason joined the Los Angeles Burlesque scene, earning a reputation for capturing high-quality images of live entertainment.

Outside the Burlesque scene, he has worked as an official event photographer for the famous “International Documentary Association” in Los Angeles, the Prophecy Girl Films, The Toscars, and boasts collaborations with the French stylist Lucy Curasco and more recently with the Tiki Oasis.
His work has been exhibited and praised at the Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles. Jason has also won the prestigious “French-USA Media” award confirming a professionalism that has no equal. His work publications include: Bachelor Pad, Delicious Dolls, Pinkbow City, The Tassel Twirl, The Ivy Magazine, Black Pinups, Latina Pinups, Toxic Spit and Pinups and Customs.

For Jason, photography is a privileged tool for capturing the precious moments of life and telling the story that unfolds around us, individually and collectively. As a Vintage lover he always tries to give each of his creations an unmistakable touch of class.