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Salvo Cici

Salvo Cici
Salvo Cici




He was born in Palermo in December 1971. Since an early age, he has showed a strong passion for the image and received a Zenit 122 camera as a gift at 15. Since then he has started a self-taught path that will become his profession in 1998.
Inspired by the great Caravaggio, he studied the use of color, making light the secret animating his creations. He loves White Black with all its nuances and adores to experiment in lowlight. He enjoys to photograph people under every facet, trying to capture above all the emotions and moods of ordinary people, fixing forever a glimpse of life in a unique and unrepeatable shot, but above all transferring part of his own emotions to the frame. It is no coincidence that he loves walking through the streets of cities in search of interesting subjects to be immortalized with great skill.
Linked to the magic of the film and faithful to his Nikons, for practical and professional needs he approaches digital, studying at the same time as a tele cinema operator and founds La Prisma Arti Audiovisive in Palermo, an agency dealing with all what is 360-degree audiovisual, providing services such as photo reportage, video reportage, post production, photovideo service, journalistic service and television productions. He organizes courses and workshops for professionals in the sector, and has the ENAC certification n. 8444 for aerial shots with DRONES.
He collaborates with numerous regional newspapers, with Rainews and Mediaset for in-depth specials in Sicily, taking care of the shooting and editing, as well as with various Sicilian realities taking care of various organizational and technical aspects. He is a stage photographer at various theaters in Sicily and at some prose companies for which he produces well-kept reportages.
He creates several short films and independent productions taking care of shooting, editing and photography. He has a series of collaborations with important productions such as TAO DUE (Anti-Mafia Team; Ultimo) as Location Manager and Backstage Shooting.
His works and his photographic experiments focus on portraiture, glamour, boudoir, artistic nude, always trying to crystallize in an image those emotions that cannot always be described in words. Always looking for new stimuli and new artistic expressions, he has recently started experimenting with film, small and medium format, with pinhole and lomographic techniques and the detachment of emulsions for Polaroids and infrared photography, cyanotype printing and wet collodion.


Direct positive

This technique is carried out with the direct inversion method on photographic paper with optical benches and allows to obtain positives with an extraordinary tonal range, extraordinary and unrepeatable pieces.

Wet Plate Collodion – Wet Collodion

Dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, the wet collodion is the technique that has given a decisive turning point to the world of photography, as it has allowed photographers to abandon their studies and to turn in the squares, paving the way for reportage, as the first form of photographic democratization.

Infrared Portrait

Infrared photography using a camera suitably modified on the sensor, removing the UV filter and adding a 720nm UV filter. With this technique the camera will be sensitive to the infrared spectrum producing photos with a characteristic mood.


Printing on cotton paper with the Cyanotype technique is a contact technique, using UV rays, which requires a negative of the same size as the final image.

Polaroid Emulsion Lift

The emulsion lift technique is used in photography to obtain artistic effects in a completely handmade way. This technique, apparently complex